Coywolf acts as responsible crossing guard

Published February 13, 2021 32,015 Views $8.25 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeFilmed in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. According to the uploads, "Sam is a nutty border-collie poodle cross that travels with us everywhere. On our frequent crossing of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada, we often need to slow to stop for a range of animals, from porcupines to moose, and in this case, for a pack of eastern Grey Wolf/Coyote hybrids called Coywolves. The juveniles are fluffy beige and their alpha-day is the grey one - acting here as a crossing guard for his family, standing boldly in the center of the road to catch my attention and get me to stop. Once everyone has passed, he allows me to continue on. Sam is mostly upset he does not get to join them for a frolic in the woods, his wild nature expressed in almost human language."