DIY: How 2 Convert Your Existing Greenhouse to Utilize Soap Bubbles to Boost Solar Thermal Intake

I have removed in this video the portion comparing the results of conventional Chinese style passive solar greenhouse and Richard Nelson's SolaRoof greenhouse. Too much information. If you need that comparison, please go to to see it.

This video solely focuses on the conversion, i.e. how to do the retrofit. Once you fully understand how SolaRoof greenhouse works, then the next action is obviously how to build one yourself or how to retrofit it to your existing greenhouse. Do you stilll have the frames sitting there collecting dust and snow? Yes, you can reuse it. Watch this video and you will know how to do it with your existing one out there. Enjoy!

We have a full line of new designs focusing on backyard use. They are much more beautiful than the Chines style. BTW, I am Chinese myself. No insult. Just objective comparison.

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