"Mr. Mischief " - Pit Bull Pup - Scratchboard Drawing

Published February 11, 2021 27 Views

Rumble This is an older video (2012), but I like how it turned out. The pup's face in the final drawing is a little lighter than it appears in the video - there was more visible detail in the original work.

The video shows the steps in creating a drawing of a pit bull terrier pup on a 5" x 5" Ampersand Scratchbord.

You may have noticed, I opted to leave out his tail & collar in the drawing - artistic license! Where I use the word "tones", I should've used "values", a mistake I make now and then.

I took the reference photo of this little cutie at a local rescue a number of years ago.

I've also created a PDF with details of a couple of the stages of the drawing: www.annran.com/issa/mrmischief.pdf