2 years ago

COVID Vaccines, Mask, and Outpatient Care: Three Expert’s Perspectives 2/11/21


Prayer: Anwar Tillery

1. Dr. Lee Merritt: Is there a vaccine for COVID? If it's not a vaccine what is it? What about the mask? Are we protecting ourselves and others? Community signs say to wear a mask to protect our communities. If we don't wear a mask are we putting others at risk?

2. Dr. Jane Orient: Comments on the vaccine. What do you think? What about the mask? Do mask REALLY cause CO2 retention or is this false information?

3. Dr. George Fareed: Vaccines do we need them? If not what do we do?

4. Mat Staver attorney: He will speak about how to push back on the vaccine from a legal perspective.

5. Discussion with Q&A and three points from each speaker they want to summarize and ask to have passed on.

6. Pastor Stephen Broden: Why We can't lose HOPE, summary of our meeting, and Prayer

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