House Impeachment Managers Double Down on Attacks on Trump

Published February 11, 2021 2,500 Views

Rumble The unconstitutional impeachment trial continues. How much longer will it last?

Today on Sekulow, we discussed the Senate impeachment trial, as the House impeachment managers put on their full attack on President Trump, trying to make a connection between the President’s words and the horrific actions of January 6th.

What we discussed yesterday – that the House impeachment managers never tell you the full truth – really came to fruition throughout the day. They are continually taking things out of perspective.

An example is they played a clip of a rally in Georgia that President Trump was doing and then failed to give context for the rally. The rally was for the two Georgia U.S. Senate seats that were up in the run-off. They acted as if President Trump’s words there had something to do with January 6th when they didn’t at all.

Their strategy is to not give the full context. And that is the weakness in this current impeachment just as it was the weakness in the previous one.

My takeaway has been and continues to be that they just don’t like to tell the full truth. They don’t want the American people to get all the information. Just enough to serve their narrative. The footage they are showing is bad. We’ve all condemned it. Everyone knows what happened on January 6th was bad. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there’s no real connection.

And that’s exactly why when they’re up there talking about insurrection, they have to splice in videos from a Senate rally, from a different rally months before the events in question. It’s deceptive editing. Nothing more. If an attorney tried that in a court of law, they’d likely lose their law license.

ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou made the following point:

"In order for there to be an insurrection charge that has any meat against the President, you have to create a connection, a nexus, between what he said and what ultimately occurred; and that his words, actions, protestations, and whatever he said was a direct cause, or had a causal connection to the events that took place at the Capitol grounds on January 6th. They have not been able to make that connection. You cannot make a connection here that is going to satisfy the requirement of the law . . . between the words and the deeds that occurred. That is the serious flaw in the case. So what they tried to do is piece together bits and pieces of things that he said out of context at other times and at other places, saying see, there is a connection. Well, guess what? There is not."

President Biden and the Left regularly use the same or similar language, like utilizing the word “fight”. It is common in the public sphere. Impeaching a former President on those grounds would set a dangerous precedent that we could now go back and impeach any leader for the words they’ve used, regardless of context.

This is why we keep saying this impeachment trial is a sham and President Trump will be acquitted.