Climate Lockdown -- The New Normal

Published February 11, 2021

Rumble The global warming cum climate change fraud has been nothing but a slow-motion version of what we have seen play out over the last year as a result of the WuFlu scamdemic.

I made this video in response to Paul Joseph Watson's brilliant February 10, 2021 rant about pending climate lockdowns.

Some might be shocked at the claims he makes in his rant but for some of us, there is nothing surprising at all about the fear that the success of the fear-generated micro-regulation of life over the last year will be picked up by the climate fraudsters in order to accelerate their ultimate goal of destroying every last vestige of comfort, happiness, and prosperity that the philosophy of individualism has made possible to so many people in the last 150 or more years. The economic corollary of individualism is capitalism.

By that, I mean Laisse-Faire capitalism, NOT the state/business "partnerships" that have become such a common feature of our economic lives today.