2021 JAN 10 Shawn Skelton Indiana Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine Severe Reactions

Published February 11, 2021 882 Views

EVANSVILLE, IND — Shawn Skelton, an Oakland City, Indiana woman and CNA went viral on Monday after posting a now removed Facebook live video claiming that she has suffered some serious side effects days after receiving her dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine as an essential worker.

Skelton, a CNA for the past 25 years who works at the Good Samaritan Home, a nursing home in Evansville said she was perfectly fine prior to receiving the vaccine she says has caused her body to shake uncontrollably and tongue to wildly spasm.

Skelton said one day after receiving the vaccine on Monday, Jan. 4, she began to have “mild flu-like symptoms” including “stomach pains and diarrheas “while at work.

Two days later; on Wednesday, she said she “wasn’t feeling good” and that her tongue began to “spasm out of control.” By Thursday, she said she was in “full body convulsions.”

Following her video, Skelton went to Deaconess Orthopedic Neuroscience Hospital where an MRI, CT scan and blood cultures failed to produce any findings. She was discharged on Thursday with no answers and her body still shaking.

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Original Clips; 2021 JAN 16: https://youtu.be/6MNgpNx-YLM

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