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Game Night Just Got More Exciting With Drunk UNO Cards

Do you know what makes UNO a bit more merciless (and exciting)? Adding a boozy twist. Kick the classic game to the discard pile and turn a game of Uno into a fun drinking game. Drunk UNO is here to satisfy your alcohol-friendly game nights. This classic card game stirs up enough enthusiasm sober, so imagine getting a Draw 4 and a tequila shot!

This adult drinking game might get a few of us in trouble, but it's a risk we're all willing to take. The Drunk UNO game comes with six shot glasses and official rules. Draw 2 means take one shot and Draw 4 means take two shots. If you're skipped, you take a shot, and the person who gets the reverse card takes 1.5 shots. The false UNO card recipient takes two shots, and the winner gets to choose who takes three shots.

This perfect party game is great for Bachelorette parties or pregames before the tailgate. Keep your Beer pong, trivia game, and never have I ever, I'll take this board game.

1. Do you know what makes Uno a bit more merciless?

2. Booze!

3. These drunk uno cards will be the hit of the party.

4. Made for adults 21 and up,

5. Follow the rules based on the cards.

6. The game is played like normal Uno, but grab a 'Draw 2' card and expect to take a shot.

7. Pull a 'Draw 4' and take two shots!

8. Perfect for bachelorette and bachelor parties, this game is wild and fun.

9. What's your favorite card game?

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