Lee Smith ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 2-9-2021

Published February 10, 2021 168 Views $0.03 earned

Is Donald Trump the REAL target? Or is something more complex going on?

Lee Smith
Author, Commentator and Middle East Correspondent

Recent events have caused conservatives, Trump supporters, and—we hope—all Americans regardless of political affiliation—great concern. Is the chaos at the nation's Capitol a fluke? Or simply a continuation of the myriad accusations and harangues against President Trump since his inauguration in 2016? Or is there something even bigger under attack?

While Trump appears to be the most obvious target, Lee Smith, widely published commentator and author of the new book: The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President, outlines how the Left's ongoing operations of chaos, rioting and misinformation are actually attacks against the foundation of our country, and every American who reveres it and what it stands for. The ultimate purpose of these attacks is to destroy the Republic's foundations, including our family structure, businesses, and emotional-, social- and psychological health.

Says Smith: "It's like watching a serpent swallow its tail; every time it looks like it will end, it is re-ignited," citing the draconian responses to COVID as only one example.

Learn how you can spot telltale signs of purposeful manipulation and avoid being a victim.