Dr Sherri Tenpenny and the famous John Barbour, author and 5 Emmy Award winner

Published February 9, 2021 2,547 Views

Rumble I'm still in awe over Part 1 of this interview with the famous John Barbour, author of My Mother's Not a Virgin and 2nd Assassination of JFK. What an incredible life. We could not even fit his whole story into just one interview. From living on the streets to winning 5 Emmy awards, writing for Sinatra and the Presidents of the USA and being the only person to receive Jim Garrison's records on the assassination of JFK. John Barbour changed the face of American television as the creator, producer, principal writer, and co-host of Real People, television’s first reality show. In 2017 he wrote and Directed Part 2 called: ‘The American Media and The 2nd assassination Of President John F. Kennedy,’ which leading researchers applaud as ‘The definitive film on JFK and the rise of Fake News’..which plagues America to this day.