Home built Steam Boat 1.0

Published February 9, 2021 46 Views

Rumble I originally uploaded this video to YouTube in 2015, happy to be copying all my channels over to Rumble!

Last year I bought a steam engine. After running it for a while I decided to build something to utilize the power of it. It has very little power so I had to reduce the RPM down by a lot. (I did a test and ran the numbers but I never wrote it down so I don't remember. Something like 200 times slower rotation.) Then I built a boat and paddle wheel because it was simple. I wasn't filming my projects back then, but I have always wanted to make a second one. Before I make the second one and make a video about it, I wanted to show the test of 1.0, so I gathered up all the test footage I could find.
As you can see, it was ineffective at best, the wind was pushing it faster than the actual engine was.
Steam boat 1.1 coming soon!

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