159 LIVE: Wake Up, Empowerment, Gut Health, Talented Musicians, Audio Production

Published February 8, 2021 43 Views

Rumble Another fast moving, fun, motivational and informative episodes of Everything Home!

5 Guests + 7 Minute Segments = Tons of Tips & Takeaways


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12:06pm - Patti Katter: Host of the podcast - Wake Up With Patti Katter and Founder of The Patriotic Mermaid apparel line

12:17pm - Janna Macik: Chief Empowerment Officer of Advancing Globally – helping women through leadership development, professional advancement and personal empowerment. She also Hosts “Powering Unique You” on LinkedIn Live

12:27pm - Laura Martin: Gut Expert, Nutrition Consultant and founder of Healing To Happy. Her “Gut Recharge” program helps women with IBS-Anxiety skip elimination diets by taking a gut-brain approach

12:38pm - Norm Susser: Host of “The New Norm In Music” on Youtube – He showcases Musical Talents in a virtual jam & intimate interviews.

12:48pm - Dave Swillum: Owner of Crawlspace Audio – providing traditional to unique audio needs including recording, editing, mixing and mastering AND Host of the Waking Up From Work Podcast

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