Great Dane puppy wears comical bonnet for frigid forest treks

Published February 8, 2021 4,286 Views $1.15 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRaven is an 11 month old Great Dane puppy with a serious love for life. Her enthusiasm is heart warming and she truly loves her walks in the nearby forest more than anything else. Raven has been working hard on her recall training and she has recently been getting off leash runs every day in one of the most gorgeous forests in North America.

But Raven's home near Millbrook, Ontario is currently experiencing the colder temperatures of a Canadian winter. Raven is a short haired dog and, despite her enormous size, the cold is less comfortable for her than it is for some breeds.

Raven's owners have given her a fleece undercoat and a beautiful red overcoat and she keeps cozy, even on extended runs. Her neck is kept warm with the fleece turtleneck portion, but her ears are still exposed. Raven's owners came up with an imaginative fix and they put another cloth tube around her head and ears. They couldn't contain their laughter as they realized that Raven now looked like the wolf disguised as the grandmother in that classic story of Little Red Ridinghood.

Raven didn't mind the bonnet at all and she quickly took off running, weaving between trees and through deep snow, running back for treats and praise. She probably even appreciated that her ears were not as cold as usual. Her tail wagged and her enthusiasm for her daily explore didn't falter.

Dogs around the world probably agree that the recent changes due to Covid 19 have not all been bad. They see their humans more as people work from home, and they seem to be getting more walks. Raven is no exception. She has been getting 5-10km (3-6 mile) treks almost every day. The trails that Raven runs are breath taking and the smells of the forest animals keep her entertained. She returns home and naps contentedly before bedtime. Another bonus for Raven is that the extra exercise means she gets an extra meal to keep her healthy. Raven is truly living the best life a dog could live and she has been making sure her owners get extra affection too. It's a win for everyone!