Doctors Warn the world about the pandemic

Published February 7, 2021 363 Views

Rumble Sorry guys but i have to bring this to your attention.
All around the world people are being censored for telling the truth or exposing the evil plans set in place for world domination. If the big tech companies can censor the president, they can censor anybody at this point. Even people on youtube exposing Biden and his evil plans/doings are all being censored/banned. What a time to be alive right? lol
These evil and rich psychos are not resting until their plan comes into play. We've got to stand up! It's been shown in movies, tv shows and all of media what they're doing in plain sight. No they're not trying to hide it anymore, it's all over. These doctors from outside are warning the world about what is going on and they were either blocked or banned from some media sites! Please download this and reupload it again. SHARE SHARE SHARE!