Hopium 2.0 February 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Hopium 2.0 February 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning found me embroiled in a text conversation with yet another patriot telling me "what's going on" and accusing me of being a nasty, old, mean-spirited cynic, for not "keeping the faith" and not "hoping" and "waiting".

Where do I begin? How about 1863? Think I've been waiting long enough? 37 plus 100 plus 21.... that's 158 years that Americans have been waiting for their military, particularly the United States Army and later, the United States Air Force, and when on the land, the United States Marine Corps, to do their jobs and protect us from "all enemies both foreign and domestic".

I think we've all waited for them long enough. Okay? I am not waiting for them anymore. I am showing up myself to settle my own hash and I highly recommend that you all do the same, each and every day.

The whole Civil War was a set-up by the British Territorial Government. Lincoln was substituted for election as the "President" of the Territorial United States, because as a Bar Attorney, he was prohibited from holding any office in our actual government. That should put up some red flags, shouldn't it?

And then, there's the strange story of Ulysses S. Grant, or, as he is known, U.S. Grant --- like "Grant of the US" --- which is what happened under his endlessly corrupt administration. Now, add the fact that Grant's actual name was Hiram Grant, and he picked up the nickname "Ulysses S" at West Point, and it doesn't seem that his politics as a Queen's Man was exactly a secret, does it?

What you are looking at is a 158 year-old coup d'etat staged against our lawful civilian government by our own dear military and commercial mercenary interests operating under color of law and fraudulent misrepresentation and Breach of Trust.

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