Frontlines 575-

Published February 6, 2021 190 Views

Rumble First simulcast between telegram .love Voice Chat and zoom.

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Q's mission is complete. This is the next phase and it is time to take action. My name is Dan Lutz, I am taking action by contacting you and others with Telegram groups that are patriotic, qanon, Trump, and constitutional, to work together and help each other.

I had a youtube channel that pointed to the telegram group. Since I was removed on October 15th along with the other great YouTubers, I have been posting on Rumble and Bitchute. I am starting to integrate my Telegram group @WWG1WGAlove ❣️ into a daily video broadcast to discuss what issues are in the group.

The daily video broadcast for the group will also do a weekly zoom for Q&A and others from the group. I want to invite your people to also participate.

I am involved in setting up people's assemblies around the country as lawful bodies under the Republic, not the CB/DS USA inc. We are motivated and taking action. We have 38 States that have officially running and 6 have begun having meetings. I am also using my group ❣️ as a launch point to send people to the assemblies.

I do "Trust the Plan"! It has taken us this far, and we took action as digital soldiers. We learned to organize ourselves and how to research the issues. Let us come together in agreement for us to push forward our movement. I want to set up a zoom meeting with you and your leaders to discuss how we work together.

Dan Lutz
Chief Operations
California Assembly