AOC’s HARROWING experience at the Capitol

Published February 6, 2021 392 Views

Rumble Hey everyone, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez here. I felt it necessary to talk about myself and how brave I was at the Captiol on that historic day. First, I need to just make clear how scared I was. I was LITERALLY fearing for my life. There were loud noises, I was SO scared. Like, who knocks like that? Seriously?! Anyways, being a strong, independent woman, I bravely ran to hide in Katie Porter's office. She isn’t as popular as me so I knew no one would care to go in there. If it wasn’t obvious already, I’m as smart as I am beautiful 😘. It turned out the knocking was only a Capitol officer, but guys, it was really weird, he was angry and mean to me. I was SO scared… and brave.

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