DIRTY PATCHES & FADED TATTOOS Honoring Bikers Who Serve Their Communities

CELEBRATE THE GREAT WORKS OF...Patriot & Judeo/Christian Bikers, Veterans, 1st-Responders & amazing volunteers who donate time to Honor & Support others. Driving Rock to the tune of Ann M. Wolf's "On The Run," propels this Video, taking us to the place where "Dirty" is a sign of honor & "Faded" means time given in service to God & Country. Patches, Hats, Helmets & Tats, all tell the story of Service to God & Country (Liberty) as well as compassionate action towards others in need of support, prayer & resources.

Sincere gratitude goes out to all folks around our nation who document events & share their images; and here are some friends who contributed a view of their patch, pin, hat, or tattoo to this public service video: I love you all very much!

Garry Freese, Karen Strickland, Jenny Testerman

OTHER PATCHES, HATS, HELMETS, AND HATS: Also acknowledging the following in order of appearance, whose names or banners did not appear in the Video :

Dano Janowski - HSMM
Kelly Misciachoski & pup "Millie" - Blue Knights
Carlo Albanese – Head & Helmet
Bryce Ogle - Soldier's Cross Tat
Gold Star Family of Michael Ferschke, Jr. - MMM Patch
Cindi Mink – Unknown Soldier Tat
Leon Merrow & wife Mary
Martin "Polongo"Fox - Forgotten Few - R.I.P.
Pamela Washington Ward – “Saved” Patch
Run to the Wall - Vest
ANG - Jesse Dyer - Helicopter Tat
Gold Star Mothers: Brenda Shelton, Sherrie Battle
McGhee, Cyndy Powell & Lynn M. Forehand;
“Carry the Flame” at HD Knoxville, TN

MORE CREDITS: (Video Trailer, following song)
Dave Johnson – Marine Tat & Patch
George Burgan - PGR Miracle Guy
DeDe Smith McMillan – Holding the Flame
Larry Montoya – Hospital Visit
Tyrone Coffin – Hat with Purple Heart
AKA: "Bear" - ALR - Seals Tat
Rolling Thunder ®, Inc. - Memorial Day Parade
AKA: "Bulldog" of “The Ride Home - The Bulldog
"Carry The Flame" HD Knoxville, TN
Spencer Nave - Vest

To: Leo Gawroniak for his generous support
& Charles Byerly, my husband, for his service to the cause of Freedom.

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NOTE: This Video is offered for the purpose of inspiration & education; images & music are either original by Ann M. Wolf or are used by permission, by license, with some images having been obtained from (what the artist believes) are public domain sites. Please advise if any images require additional licenses or permissions. Thank you.

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