"Unknown" studio recording by Scott Jarrett and drummer Mike Flemming

2 years ago

Original (previously unreleased) composition by Scott Jarrett also recorded by him in studio put to a video "collage". The video was not shot specifically for the song, but added later for ambience. Best experienced on a large HD monitor with the sound up.

Drummer was Mike Flemming, Scott did vocals, played acoustic guitar 2 electric guitars, percussion and recorded/mixed/produced the song. Recording was done late 90's at Thunderbird Studio in NM.

Most of the video was recorded using Panasonic X900m except for a few scenes which were done using a Sanyo FH1 and the second last sunset shot using a Panasonic ZS3. Slow motion bird was shot using a Panasonic FZ200. The original footage is so far superior to what Youtube encoded it is a bit of a shame.

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