Boom! This is IRREFUTABLE evidence of Election Fraud from Mike Lindell (video 5)

Published February 5, 2021 2,041 Views

Rumble IP Addresses Uncovered! China (and other countries) with the help of deep state, corrupt politicians STOLE THE VOTE FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Dominion, Smartmatic, OUR OWN UNITES STATES AGENCIES, they all lied! Our votes went to foreign countries to be tabulated via WIFI. President Trump's votes got handed over to Biden. One vote for Trump was equal to less than 1 vote, but one vote for Biden was worth more than 1, thanks to the devious, pre-programmed formula! This is crazy. If we don't stand up, USA will become Venezuela, where people do not have the necessities to live to live even a decent life!

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