Mike Lindell is a patriot! Election Fraud exposed! (Video 1) Fighting the Filth!

Published February 5, 2021 3,002 Views

Rumble Aloha to our Fellow Americans! We have recorded Mike Lindell's 2 hour Election Fraud Investigative report in multiple episodes. This first one is an essential summary of the results of his investigation. Mike Lindell is getting censored. We are boycotting the companies in the video cancelling his contracts! Please join us. They need to hear the message loud and clear that we Patriots who believe in God and our country that when we speak, they better listen!

By the way, in less than a few hours since Mike posted, Youtube and Vimeo censored the video. They took it off! Luckily Patriots across the country were screen recording so this never gets lost! Thank you so much for watching.

One more thing, we will be starting a group and I will be posting a sign up on my website at www.momirobins.com, please consider following us. God bless, and thank you for your support!

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