EDC Pocket Dump | My 2021 Everyday Carry Load Out

Published February 5, 2021 178 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble EDC stands for “Everyday Carry”. It represents the items that you carry on your person from a day to day basis. Most people carry an EDC and don’t even know it, which probably includes a phone, wallet, keys, and maybe a watch. I like to think about my EDC in terms of “Tiers”. Tier 1 includes all of those core EDC items that basically everyone carries. Tier 2 includes what I refer to as “Prepper Tools”; a knife, flashlight, lighter, etc. Tier 3 includes any additional items that are more optional, depending on the amount of pocket space I have available with the clothes that I am wearing on a particular day.

Your EDC is tailor made for your specific needs, region, profession and person preferences. No one should have identical EDC’s in terms of manufactures and gear model numbers, but the type of items may resemble others (e.g., most Preppers like to EDC a folding knife if their country allows it). This EDC represents what I am currently carrying on a day to day basis in my pockets.

PDF: http://bit.ly/3rDrFbt

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