2 years ago

The Google

The old man discovers Google. Years past its introduction into the Internet, the tech wows the old man, who just found out about it last week.

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Christopher Irving is reserved, clean, intelligent, and...different. His interest in things old and of things dead has led him too far. His strange habits have brought him to isolation and failure. But when a mysterious voice taunts him with forecasts of his own death, Christopher sets out to stop it no matter what it takes. His life of wearing snappy polo shirts and eating dried apricots has expanded to include indulging in a bit of savage retribution. The line between the living and the dead becomes blurred with deadly consequences in this dark psychological thriller.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, before Man knew how to create fire, a spark from Nature could mean the difference between life and death. The precious fire started by a lightning strike was harnessed by the Logok tribe. One man was put in charge of keeping the fire alive. If the fire should die, then so should he. Gelp, the young inept man who was useless at hunting and fighting, was given the sacred duty. Keeping the fire alive consumed all of his life, costing him his freedom and everything that he loved. But in the midst of war, anguish, and treachery, Gelp discovers the strength to rise up against his adversaries, reclaim his life, and defend the honor of the ancient Logok tribe. But the fiercest warrior of the tribe and his traitorous band of henchmen stood in the way. This is the story of one man facing off against terrifyingly high odds in a primitive and brutal world.

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