Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Are Increasing Home Prices (Florida Client Case Study)

Published February 4, 2021 58 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Bruce Weyer shares his research on rising lumber prices that are increasing construction costs for real estate. Bruce is a client who has purchased rental properties in Dayton Ohio and Palm Coast Florida and shares his experience and investing strategy.
0:00 Introduction to Bruce Weyer
2:48 Southern yellow pine demand is huge in Florida
3:25 The mills were slowing due to COVID but demand was booming
5:27 Bruce has seen prices double for lumber
6:15 Regression to replacement cost
7:15 Bruce thinks lumber prices will stay high
10:35 Bruce's rental property portfolio
11:35 Bruce used mortgage sequencing strategy to maximize debt
13:18 Why he invested in Palm Coast
15:44 Bruce utilized the Care Act to withdraw from his IRA
19:58 Bruce cash-out refinanced their primary home at 2.75%
22:55 Your tenant is paying 33-40% of their income to you

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