The 'Dancing' Mini Trucks With Insane Hydraulics | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published February 4, 2021 454 Views

Rumble THE DANCING bed trucks are making a comeback. Alex is the shop fabricator and foreman of Hoppos, one of the United States' premier lowrider customs shops, but his real passion is for the little-known world of bed dancing. This is when drivers install their trucks with jaw-dropping hydraulics that allow them to raise them high in the air, spin around and dance. Alex explained how his love for the trucks evolved: "We have been operating for over 30 years. My dad is the owner, I’m following in his footsteps now.” They are based in Ontario, which Alex believes is the heart of the dancing bed trucks trend: “California still holds it down for custom vehicles," he said. The business is one of the main manufacturers in Southern California for hydraulic equipment. Hoppos manufacture the product for the dancing beds - the hydraulics, the cylinders and the pumps, then ship the components worldwide for other enthusiasts. Dancing bed trucks is an automotive trend born in the late 80s, where small pickup beds would be installed on hydraulics and put on dancing competitions at shows. Alex sees it as “an expression of one’s self.” Now with the craze making a comeback, Alex and his team are leading the charge with two generations of experience behind them. “We originally started in the mini-truck world, today the trucks are starting to boom again. Luckily, we had the knowledge from back then, now we're building some of the nicest mini trucks out there.”