COVID Vaccine and COVID Outpatient Therapy 2/3/21

3 years ago

The panel of medical doctors and researchers discuss Covid-19 protection, treatments, cures, and the vaccines.

Prayer: Dr. Lee Vliet

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Do we have a COVID vaccine? Is it really a vaccine and what the heck is in it? 15 mins

Dr. Richard Fleming: More about the COVID vaccine. Who has the patent of the virus and is it legal to patent a virus? What does this tell us about the virus from 2007 Sars 1 up to Sars2 15 minutes

Dr. Zelenko: Outpatient care: what is it and how effective is it? 15 min

Dr. Peter MuCullough: Research for outpatient care. Are you sure it works? 15 min

Dr. Simone Gold: We are now hearing more about Ivermectin. It's safe for my dog but is it for me? 15 min

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