Jose Sigal (Real Estate Investor) on The Long Term Real Estate Investor | Full Episode

Published February 3, 2021 1 Views

Rumble Jose Sigal (Real Estate Investor) on The Long Term Real Estate Investor | Full Episode

In todays episode, I have an exciting and informative conversation with someone very close to me. Besides being my father, his real estate investment strategies and business savviness provide a lot to learn from. Jose Sigal is the founder and owner of J S Signet, a boutique real estate investment company. He has been investing in real estate since the 80’s when he immigrated from Mexico with very limited resources. It was with those resources and the right strategies where, he created a nice base for a family portfolio managed out of his office in Santa Monica, California.

His specialty is identifying little jewels of properties in great locations. It is because of that, tenants he has leased property to include Fidelity Investments, Erewhon Markets, Tommy Bahama, Best Buy, Gap, and others. He has also developed and owned several apartment buildings, and entitled land. Although mostly focused in Los Angeles, he has had success in other states proving his strategy can work, with the right ingredients, all over.

Today, Jose discusses strategy, how to think in business and why often it’s not about the numbers. His conservative approach alongside value add strategies are key components in how he has created his growth.

Shot Date: February 26, 2020

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