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Radeon Pro Render vs Foundry Modo vs Blender Cycles CG 3D

Radeon Pro Render vs Foundry Modo vs Blender Cycles CG 3D

AMD Radeon Pro Render is a free render engine for Blender, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, and Solidwokrs. A Modo release will be out later this year.


This is a comparison of three render engines that supports PBR textures. I tried to make this render as close to each other as possible. All three setups use the same HDRI, FBX, and PBR texture set. All 3 uses the same settings for the Principled Shaders. RPR calls their version of Principled as Uber, but it is essentially the same thing. The setup process was to import the FBX, apply the Principled/Uber shader and connect the textures. I didn't tweak the shader settings as I wanted to see how the defaults settings look. Due to the different parameters of each render engine, I adjusted the settings to derive at similar noise levels. However, all three engine had at least 3 GI bounces.

I lower the samples in Cycles to 128, and increase the samples with RPR to 256. Both have denoiser on. In Modo, I up the GI bounce to 3 and increased the AA to get less noise, doesn't have a denoiser. This model and PBR texture set have both dielectric and conductor surfaces, so the base Principled shader fits well.

Rendered 240 frames each at 960x1080

The softwares used are:

AMD Radeon ProRender 1.6 - GPU Mode
The Foundry Modo 12 - CPU Mode
Blender Cycles 2.79b - GPU Mode

Mid-Range Computer Specs:
Ryzen 1800x
32 gb Ram
RX 480 8gb Vram

If you have any questions, comment below.


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