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Gonna Chase Him Down To Zombie Trailer Park (Original Song Based On Zombie Trailer Park Video Game)

Verse 1
Gonna find the son of bitch that hit my car,
Gonna chase him down to Zombie Trailer Park.
That hit and run driver better run and hide,
Cause if he gets eaten by a zombie he’s gonna get squishified.
In 2011 my car was totaled by a drunk driver who was going around 55 miles an hour. I spent a year in physical therapy, and during my recovery I played Zombie Trailer Park and began writing songs. It seemed inevitable that these two hobbies would end up manifesting themselves in a song.

Lyrics to Zombie Trailer Park

Gonna chase him down to Zombie Trailer Park.

Verse 2
Got a shovel and a shotgun and I just can’t miss,
Gonna let him know I’m a survivalist.
Cause when you shake my trailer I’m gonna settle the score,
And when you try to eat my kinfolk it’s a total war.

Verse 3
Got a salvage yard a chapel and a moonshine still,
Gonna chase him with a harvester and get my thrills.
When you hear my yee-haw you better run,
I’m gonna hit you with an air strike, gonna have some fun.

Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus

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