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I'm In Lock Down (Locked Up Locked Down An Original Song)

I'm In Lock Down (Locked Up Locked Down An Original Song) is the original recording of Locked Up Locked Down. This song features me singing and fingerpicking my acoustic guitar. This song was written around April of last year, which was only 3 months into lockdown (this was just before the stricter mask mandates, which explains why I didn't wear a mask while performing this song).


Locked up, locked down,
I’ve been pushed around;
I’m tired of being a prisoner
But they have me in lock down.
Locked down…
Locked up…
Locked down...

Verse 1
Covid 19’s from a bat
Or a bio lab they say,
It’s gonna kill two million people,
Don’t go to church to pray.
It stays upon a surface
And even on your clothes,
You better practice social distancing
So no one is exposed.

Verse 2
I think it’s time to panic,
Shelves are empty at my store,
No Masks or toilet paper
I can’t find them anymore.
Restaurants do take out
The bars have been shut down,
They’ve even locked up all the parks
In my own hometown.

The fears that used to haunt me
Don’t matter anymore,
Gonna bust these cell walls
Gonna break down the door.
I don’t wanna be stuck here
But I’m locked inside my house,
Can’t afford my mortgage,
I’m only waiting for the bail out.

Verse 3
Imprisoned in my home
Is not the life a choose,
Deaths around the world
Are plastered on the news,
Gonna break this curfew
And sometime I just may
Tell 'em all to stick it
I ain't living this away!

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