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Control (It's All About The Control) An Original Song

The issues of government control with the new transition of power has become a topic of concern for most Americans. Everyday we turn on the news and see free speech being censored and individual liberties being gradually eroded by cancel culture. It almost seems as if we are living under two different sets of rules: one that favors the politically elite and a second set of rules that applies to the average American. I wrote this song in response to these issues.


Verse 1
Why do they need cameras
On every street light pole?
Do they think that we guidance,
We’re under this system controlled,

It’s all about the control,
And if they can make you do more things
They can finally have
You controlled.

Verse 2
Why should we be censored,
For having a thought they don’t like?
Did you know your searches are guided?
While the mainstream news tells you lies.

Verse 3
Prepare for more rolling blackouts,
While fires rage through your state,
The governor’s winery stays open,
He says wearing masks is our fate.

Verse 4
They’ve closed all the libraries,
Schools are closed everywhere,
We cant even go to a barber,
While Madam Speaker blows out her hair.

Verse 5
Why can’t I eat in a restaurant?
I can only do drive-thru by car,
We can’t even go to a ball game
Or have a drink at the bar.

Whitehouse Photo by tessroo.
Videography by Molly Hartman

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