Vaccines Are NOT Safe: Vaccination Damages 4-Month-Old Baby For Years

Published January 31, 2021 79 Views

Rumble - This dad was pro-vaccine until his 4-month-old baby was severely damaged by vaccination. Healing the child from the vaccine injury required years and years of alternative medicine (natural medicine) treatment. His other child also suffered from vaccines and because of these vaccine reactions, he decided not to vaccinate his children. Interestingly, he moved to California five years ago to ensure he could secure a personal belief exemption to vaccination because where he had lived - New Jersey - he could not get a personal belief exemption or religious exemption from vaccination in order to attend school. However, currently in California a bill has been introduced which would eliminate personal belief exemptions: it is called SB 277. You can imagine his pain.

His doctors wouldn’t help him understand the vaccine damage that occurred, which is why he turned to natural medicine doctors for help, and natural medicine ultimately helped recover his son. He determined that vaccines are NOT safe, and stopped vaccinating his children. He believes that vaccines have toxins that would harm his children. He is also not worried about childhood diseases because his children are in good health and therefore they will be able to recover from a childhood illness. He recommends that parents research diseases and the history of childhood diseases to understand why vaccines are neither safe nor effective: