All Hands On Deck January 30, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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All Hands On Deck January 30, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

The eighty million cheated voters in this country are now waking up, if they weren't awake before. Any fool can look at this situation and conclude that something is wrong. Well, here's the "something".
Our actual government has been moth-balled for 160 years.

We've been letting our foreign Federal Subcontractors, large privately-owned, for-profit commercial corporations, run the show "for" us.

Every time anyone cast a vote for a politician, they were unknowingly giving them their shareholder proxy to run a corporation we didn't even know existed.

To paraphrase Pope Benedict XVI when the situation was explained to him --- nobody told us.

But now you are being told and enabled to act.

Your States have been called into Session. You now have fifty State Assemblies that need your support and direct action. This is how you control your government and the means by which you lawfully control your employees.

And it is already in motion.

We are restoring our American Government to full function after more than a century of dormancy. So here we are, engaged in doing what we always should have been doing --- self-governance.

As more and more people catch on to what that actually means, our State Assemblies are suffering growing pains. Newbies are pouring in, and all of these people are in desperate need of orientation and education.

Computer systems have to be reworked, email contacts expanded, recording capability expanded, research and program implementation expanded, outreach expanded, publications expanded, archive and reference accessibility expanded, peacekeeping forces expanded, judicial services expanded....

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