TMN | AGENDA 21 - Chemtrails

Published January 30, 2021 47 Views

Rumble TMN: s2e9 | AGENDA 21 - Chemtrails

Los Alamitos/Anaheim/Santa Ana CA | October 21, 2018 | 1330 Hrs

Have you seen cloudy trails high in the sky and just thinking they were natural or simply planes flying overhead that leave trails behind? These trails are "weather modification/geo-engineering programs" widely known as "chemtrails". Planes at high altitudes are spraying toxic chemicals such as barium, aluminum, and strontium that later fall to the ground, ending up in our bodies by water, soil and the air. Please do you own research on this topic, be well informed and watch the skies.

The first scene was filmed in Los Alamitos, the second scene was filmed in Anaheim a few hours later. The third scene was filmed in Santa Ana near days end and the forth scene back in Anaheim during the evening. These are scenes of that day.

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