Must See: Father Absolutely Nukes Loudon County School Board and Teachers in Viral Video

Published January 30, 2021 5 Views

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By Bonchie | Jan 27, 2021 9:30 AM ET

A video of a Loudon County, Virginia, man has gone viral after he addressed his local school board and the teachers they supposedly oversee. He delivers an impassioned, one-minute monologue, pointing out their anti-science position and cowardice in keeping schools closed.

It’s a must see video, and one that Biden administration flacks should be made to watch on repeat, after their latest capitulation to the teachers unions.

Daily Caller

This father from Loudon County, Virginia has had enough with school boards and teachers unions keeping children out of school against the advice of public health officials

10:36 PM • Jan 26, 2021

The man hits every note, from the fact that the school board is providing no real reason nor any metrics for keeping schools closed, to the fact that teachers are sitting around getting paid to refuse to do their jobs properly. He calls them cowards, notes they should be fired, and that the statistics simply do not back up their position.

That’s when things get really heated. The man then starts yelling that his garbage man can risk his life to pick up the trash and that the school board need to essentially grow up, stop hiding, and figure it out. Instead of responding with some humility, you hear the voice of the woman presiding to ask the sheriff’s deputy to escort the man out. That’s what these clowns think of the people who pay their salaries.