Prophecy, Beware of the Totalitarian Dictatorship Coming to America & World! (It's not Trump)

Obama then and it’s Biden now. This Prophecy was given in September 30, 2009 and released October 12, 2009. Now everyone can see it come to pass in the year of 2020.

Never forget that this video would be banned on YouTube, so therefore I’m grateful to have a Rumble account with no censorship where we have a place to show our love and appreciation for Trump on social media. Everyone, please pray for Rumble & also Telegram, the only other social media we have at this time.

Though the whole Prophecy came a month later, on September 5, 2009 YAHUVEH spoke to me in my slept and HE said—
Totalitarian dictatorship. Totalitarian dictatorship. Totalitarian dictatorship. Elisheva warn them. The one who calls himself "President of the United States" [2009] wants America to be ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship.
The best health care, [like for example under "Obama care"], will only be for the rich. There will only be two classes of people: the wealthy and those who are now considered the middle class. The middle class will serve the wealthy. And the poor will slowly be killed off through forced vaccinations, forced abortions and denial of medical care.

The government will rule everything. And they will decide who will live and who will die.

End of Word

The main part of the Prophecy is in the video.
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