Found Official Lyric Video

Published January 30, 2021 74 Views

New Praise song Aaron' V Graham Official lyric video for his new single Found from Guiding Light out now through Raven Faith Records Christian music 2019

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These are the lyrics
Aaron V Graham

I've been looking for the answers
I've been searching for the truth
I have struggled with my past
I need to find the truth
It's found in you

It's found in you
You are my guiding light
It's found in you
You're my shelter from the rain
It's found in you
You lift me up again
It's found in you ,it's found in you ,it's found in you

Finally found the answer
Now I've grasped the truth
No longer have to struggle
You've given me everything
That's found in you

I live my life for you now
Your everything to me
You helped me find my way
I live for you each day
The truth is you

Aaron V Graham 2019
Guiding Light Raven Faith Records

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