Daily Energy Market News Show Chevron earnings, Friday's with DRW

Published January 29, 2021 21 Views

Rumble #hottakeoftheday - David Ramsden Wood (DRW)

Broad markets fall as speculative trading by retail investors continued to unnerve the market.

• S&P 500: -1.93%
• Nasdaq: -2.09%
• Dow Jones: -1.98%

There are also fears that the GameStop mania is a sign of a larger bubble in the market and that its unraveling could also cause turbulence and hit retail investors hard. A number of lawmakers also called for an investigation into the chaotic trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday it will look into regulated body’s actions to uncover if the decisions made disadvantaged investors.

Crude Oil and Natural Gas News
Crude oil prices rally in the morning only to tailor off toward the end of the trading session. Rig counts +6 still can’t lift prices with crude oil prices trading around $52.14.

US Energy News
• Rig counts +6
• Chevron earnings
• CNX earnings
• Oil price cut

International Energy News
• Biden/Iran nuclear