World Economic Forum - You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy

The World Economic Forum REMOVED this video after it went viral on Twitter because they don't want YOU to know the TRUTH and just think it's a crazy conspiracy theory as that way you won't be able to fight back BEFORE it actually gets to us. It'll just begin one day. But if we the people are informed, we the people can fight back BEFORE they even THINK of coming for us.

See, they have a global plan for communist-socialism called "The Great Reset" where us in the western world will have EVERYTHING, our homes and any other property we own, vehicles, etc, TAKEN BY THE HAND OF THE STATE and then rented back to us.

My PM, Lib Party Leader Justin Trudeau, has a running list of scandals from his vacation to the Aga Khan's private island, to SNC Lavelin, to the most recent WE Charity scandal (check out the YT channels of Michelle Rempel-Garner and Pierre Poilievre for more info on these scandals if you're interested). Looking at Biden's scandals there's Ukraine and Burisma, and everything coming out from his son's laptop. What is the connection of these 2 extremely corrupt politicians? They both have the same political slogan "Build Back Better". Why? Because it's the slogan of the UN and the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset".

_Among other themes, last Wednesday’s throne speech doubled down on the “Build Back Better” theme Prime Minister Trudeau first used last month when he said, “We need to reset the approach of this government for a recovery to build back better” before he shut down parliament._

_But while the Liberals have the right goal—to build back better—it’s policies won’t come close to achieving it._

As my country teeters on the edge of going BANKRUPT:
Trudeau is spending like money grows on trees. This is why they couldn't allow Trump to get another term and cheated their way to Biden "winning".

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