Window of Opportunity, Web Extra, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 28, 2021 4,680 Views

Deputy Tony Messineo of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department responds to a domestic violence call. When Deputy Messineo arrives an agitated woman stumbles out of the house yelling for help and an upset boyfriend states the woman defecated on the floor of his home. The reporting party tells Deputy Messineo that his ex-girlfriend, which he has a restraining order against, broke into his home and vandalized the place. The complainant tells the officer that the woman managed to get inside by crawling through his window. While interviewing the complainant, Deputy Messineo hears the other deputy scuffling with the female and rushes to assist in her arrest. The woman continues to deny any wrongdoing and begs not to be taken to jail. She is arrested for violating the active restraining order and burglary.

Pierce County Sheriff's Department

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