Kick Rocks, COPS TV SHOW

Published January 28, 2021 5,673 Views

Detective Bryan Dubois and members of the Lubbock Police Department's Crime Suppression Unit attempt to serve an arrest warrant on a suspect who lives with his grandmother. Officer knock and announce their presence, and warn the suspect that they will have to make a forced entry into the home if the suspect does not answer the door. After several attempts and no response, they hear voices coming from inside the garage. Detectives attempt to make entry through a dilapidated wooden garage door. Moments later the suspect's girlfriend responds, "Hold on, I'm coming to the door." She is followed by the male suspect who is visibly upset as he approaches the front door. He argues that detectives have no right to enter the premises or to detain him. The male suspect is arrested and his girlfriend is also detained for an active warrant for her arrest.

Lubbock Police Department

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