TMN | DIALOGUE - A Conversation with Michael Cremo

Published January 28, 2021 38 Views

Rumble TMN: s1e39 | DIALOGUE - A Conversation with Michael Cremo

Tartu Estonia | May 2005 | 1630

This is an interview with Michael A. Cremo, a renowned Author, Editor, and Lecturer of Forbidden Archeology that took place on May of 2005.

Mr. Cremo talks about his years of research in the field of archaeology and vast discoveries of ancient human artifacts going back 100 million years. The suppression of archaeological evidence of ancient mankind by mainstream anthropologists, archeologists, and educators that do not want other points of view or consensus to go against their current trends and theories on human evolution.

Our apologies for the video quality, as it was transferred from PAL to NTSC and stored in a cabinet for more than a decade. Please have an open mind when viewing the video. For more information search Michael A. Cremo online.

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