Spelling Bee, COPS TV SHOW

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While patrolling the streets, Officer Larry Miles of the Boise Police Department encounters a man peeking inside a business after hours. The man proceeds to ride away on his bike but Officer Miles stops to ask him some questions. The man tells Officer Miles that he glanced inside the restaurant because he is seeking employment at the establishment and he previously stopped by and the business was closed. He reiterates that there should be no problem with him looking inside the restaurant since a family member mentioned they were going to become owners of the business. When identifying himself, the man states his name is John Smith but stammers under pressure when he tries to spell it out. Officer Miles asks permission to search the man but he declines, however, he admits being in possession of a knife. When Officer Miles goes to retrieve the knife, he finds a baggie containing an illegal substance in the man's pocket. The man is detained and his honesty is questioned. The man fesses up to his real name which is not John Smith and discloses that he lied because he believed he had a warrant out. The man is arrested for possession of an illegal substance.


Boise Police Department

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