Spice Cycle, COPS TV SHOW

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Deputy Mark Barton of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spots a female cyclist riding down a dark street without lights on her bike. Deputy Barton attempts to stop the woman but she continues to pedal down the street. He pursues her in his patrol car while trying to convince her to stop. The woman claims she needs to get home to her children so she continues to pedal furiously refusing to yield. She eventually ducks through an opening in a fence and Deputy Barton pursues her on foot. At first, she refuses to comply but Deputy Barton manages to get her in cuffs and in a calmer state. She finally comes clean and explains that she ingested spice and also has some in her pocket. Deputy Barton finds three packets of spice on her as well as some cigarillo packets. He also finds out that she has a probation violation warrant. The woman explains that she has a substance abuse problem and her family won't let her see her children until she is clean. Deputy Barton explains that there are several resources available to help with her substance abuse problem while in custody.


Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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