Patriot News LIVE: What Just Hit the Stock Market? 1/28/2021

Published January 28, 2021 402 Views

Hey, Everyone! It's Francis! I put together an update because there's a lot going on!
First I have to remind you that Sunday night I'll be releasing my interview with Avi Loeb. It's going to be awesome! I pray it turns out great!

I got mixed up with this GME Gamestop debacle. Fortunately for me I am a poor man and I don't have a lot to risk, but I decided to get myself involved and I made two mistakes; two big mistakes.

First I downloaded an App called Robinhood and it turned out it was working for Wall Street. Robinhood halted trading of the stocks that were involved including Gamestop and Nokia. They showed their hand. Robinhood would rather manipulate trading than let their hedgefund friends lose money...

Then there was me.. I bought $50 of Build a Bear because I read it was involved and in the end it was not and the stock went down 25% and I used the Robinhood app to do it... More like Robbin' the Hood!!

Some call it a part of the Great Awakening.

And then there is Biden...

The Shitshow Leader.. whatever..

33 executive orders.. Who knows what's inside but you can guarantee it's not good.

But we get to speek with Avi Loeb this Sunday!!! Makes it all worth it!!

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