This frogfish is one of the most unusual creatures in the ocean

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThe frogfish is beautiful and bizarre, and unlike most other fish in the ocean. From its appearance to its unusual means of locomotion, it hardly resembles the other fish that live in the underwater world, and yet, it is indeed a fish.
One of the strangest things about the frogfish is the appearance. They resemble chunks of vegetation or alga, in what is referred to as "aggressive mimicry". Meant to lure prey that are in search of a meal, the frogfish entices smaller fish to come closer and then it lunges and inhales them. Some even wiggle spines equipped with a fleshy attachment in imitation of a small creature. The frogfish is part of the anglerfish family, and many employ this is their principal method of hunting. The colour of the frogfish varies greatly, providing them with excellent camouflage among coral or rocky reefs.
The frogfish reside on the ocean bottom at depths of up to 100m (330 feet) in most cases. Their means of locomotion is as unusual as their appearance. They use their pectoral fins like legs as they make their way over rocks, sand or mud flats. But they also use a form of jet propulsion, gulping water and forcing it out through their gills, creating a forward movement that assists them as they use their fins. Some species even grip the sea grass or sargassum weeds with their fins and "climb" over it to move about. Frogfish are poor swimmers and prefer to remain still, waiting for food to approach them. Their bodies are not stream lined and they are not adapted for locomotion in the same manner as most fish.
The mouth of the frogfish points upwards, enabling to gulp and inhale small fish as they approach from the front for a closer inspection of the bait.
These scuba divers were exploring the depths of a mud flat area in Papua New Guinea, hoping for a glimpse of one of these unusual creatures. At home in the murky darkness, this little fellow made his way along the ocean bottom 20m (60 feet) from the surface. The ocean is full of strange and beautiful creatures.