WARNING: Nursing Home Whistleblower, "Patients Dying Like Flies After Vaccine"

2 years ago

After we have witnessed a massive number of deaths from Governors sending infected COVID patients to nursing homes, we have to question motives. In my state of Minnesota, 80% of the total COVID deaths in the state were from patients in nursing homes. The "authorities" did not stop sending infected patients into the elderly homes for months (up to June 2020) after people were reporting the issue and months after New York stopped the practice. I am very concerned over this and we must ask, "Is this intentional genocide?" - Sarah Westall 

See article: Is this intentional Genocide?: http://sarahwestall.com/covid-and-nursing-home-deaths-case-for-intentional-genocide/

About Video:
James (he gives his last name in the video) is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and he recorded this video as a whistleblower because he could not keep silent any longer.

James reports that in 2020 very few residents in the nursing home where he works got sick with COVID, and none of them died during the entire year of 2020.

However, shortly after administering the Pfizer experimental mRNA injections, 14 died within two weeks, and he reports that many others are near death.

See full article about this video: https://SarahWestall.com

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