Perspectives on the Pandemic | Investigative Journalist Sam Husseini | Episode 7

2 years ago

Investigative journalist Sam Husseini has had a storied career asking world leaders questions they would prefer to dodge, on subjects ranging from missing weapons of mass destruction to very real nuclear stockpiles. Now he takes on the "elephant in the room": the extreme dangers posed by bio-research facilities not just in China, but all over the world...

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00:13-Sam Husseini’s background
02:14-Husseini discusses his piece in Salon
06:48-Debating the origin of COVID-19
07:52-Should the United States go to war over this virus?
11:38-Anthrax attacks
12:39-The politicization of COVID-19
14:51-The basics of bio-labs
16:43-Digging deeper into biosafety labs
18:00-Are the different bio-labs throughout the world connected?
19:12-Involvement of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s lab
20:04-What is the Eco Health Alliance?
21:57-What is Dr. Fauci’s role in all this?
24:49-A bioweapons armsrace
27:30-On the Feb. 2020 letter about the Wuhan lab conspiracies
29:48-Who is Robert Garry?
33:40-Who is Laurie Garrett?
35:31-Debunking the myths
36:08-Speeding up nature
39:10-Who is Ron Fouchier?
40:02-The blueprint for creating a deadly pathogen
40:54-Voices against this dangerous lab work
43:43-Alison Young on lab accidents in the United States
44:45-Documenting the first case of biowarfare
45:49-The man who discovered HIV on why COVID-19 is genetically engineered
47:59-Documenting lab accidents
49:30-Artificially accelerating bio dangers
51:30-Can we stop this kind of biowarfare?
53:21-What was the real goal of this virus?

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