Cancel God Current

Published January 27, 2021 300 Views

Rumble The tide of the Cancel God culture is coming in strong, fast and hard into our life path. It is distressing us all and we can easily be deceived and get swept up in it. It is difficult to manage this cultural current as it pressing into our lives with false narrative and fake reality. Walking alone against the current is exhausting. We need to depend on God. God is the ONE Who directs all the tides and all the currents that flow into our lives, our neighborhoods, cities, states and nations, He is Supreme in this way. This cultural battle belongs to the Lord and the rip tide deception in the midst of it is very tricky and strong. Listen Up! We need God’s discernment, protection, wisdom, strength and knowledge. He’s got this. He has gone before us and He has a plan. So, we stay in followship of Jesus, wholly-holy aligned with His way, truth and life. Stepping out with Him, we can navigate safely. Let Be, Be Still And Know He Is God.