Journey Through the Bible - Genesis 3 Man fails the Test

Published January 27, 2021 37 Views

In this video we continue our journey through the Bible with Genesis chapter 3. In chapter 3 we are introduced to the serpent and we see the end of innocence and the original sin.

Did you ever want to know why God allows bad stuff to happen? The answer is right here in this chapter.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Shifting Focus
06:55 Sowing the Seeds of Doubt
19:23 The First Sin
29:45 God is Coming
33:54 Excusing Sin
38:15 Curse of the Serpent
41:43 Curse of the Woman
47:22 Curse of Man and the Earth
53:15 The New Normal
58:30 Paradise Lost
1:05:40 Final Thoughts
1:18:27 Discussion Questions
1:27:12 Closing

Here is the video I mentioned 1:11:00 Neil deGrasse Tyson on God
Another Video of Neil deGrasse Tyson making the argument that bad things happening is evidence of the absence of God.
Let me be clear I am not picking on Dr. Tyson here but I believe he is missing the point that it is not God but Sin which causes the woes of the world. He gives the example of earthquake hitting Lisbon in 1755 on all saints day. Whether it is nature or man in the case of multiple church shootings they are not proofs of the absence of God but of the presence of sin and the curse. He talks about Gallieo saying he doesn't see the Bible pointing to a heliocentric solar system but the Bible never claims it is not. The Bible uses terms like rising and setting just like we do today.

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